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    Non-money market funds sell securities mainly issued by non-financial corporations and non-resident issuers.

    First quarter 2019:  Non-money market funds mainly sell shares (-11 billion) and securities issued by non-residents (-9 billion) and non-financial corporations (-13 billion).



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    The Banque de France opens its public statistical data in Open Data and offers an API allowing integration of the Webstat portal data.

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    Webstat is the statistics portal of the Banque de France and allows free access to thousands of statistics, grouped in time series on a multitude of themes.

    It allows to select, consult and export the information you need very easily.

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The researchers who want to access for a research project to anonymized individual statistical data produced by the Banque de France can contact the Secretariat for Access to Banque de France Statistical Data. The information are to be asked to DGS-DIMOS-acces-donnees-ut@banque-france.fr